COMunity (COMunité)
Advanced research in telecommunications

COMunity’s affiliated members and partners view the potential of wireless communications in all areas of activity as virtually limitless. By bringing together a team of very competent, compatible, and creative researchers along with a set of inspired industry partners, François Gagnon, founder and director of the research group, is in the process of demonstrating that we haven’t exhausted all uses of radio communications.

François Gagnon is a professor and researcher at the electrical engineering department of the École de technologie supérieure de Montréal (ÉTS); his passion is communications. Along with his specialization in wireless communications, he aims to contribute to the further dissemination of communication resources and make them available to all. The COMunity web site is one of the tools Professor Gagnon is using to publicize his team’s talent and expertise.

While most of the research activities outlined on the site involve microwave communication and signal-processing systems, COMunity’s range of interests continues to expand. Our researchers are proactive and driven by a sense of exploration – which is why they are increasingly called upon to solve problems of all kinds. By browsing this site, users will quickly get an idea of the vast range of applications which wireless communication makes possible.

Holder of the Ultra Electronics Chair on wireless communications at ÉTS, François Gagnon directs the activities of a vast team of professionals, researchers, professors, students, and interns who contribute to success in research and knowledge transfer – in a word, they are a COMunity serving science. François Gagnon is also the co-founder and a member of the Laboratoire de communications et d’intégration de la microélectronique (telecom and microelectronics integration lab, LACIME) at ÉTS.

COMunity invites you to discover its: broad range of projects; promising results; team’s wealth of expertise and that of its partners; and numerous publications. A lively and vibrant COMunity where innovation knows no limits.